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The Green Herring Restaurant

The Green Herring Restaurant is located in the historic Ginninderra Village in Gungahlin.  The restaurant is housed in one of Canberra’s oldest buildings; a 150 year old slab hut.  The Slab Hut was built in 1860 in the small NSW town of Bookham (located in the Yass valley shire).  The building was transported to Canberra in 1970 and has been The Green Herring Restaurant for over 20 years.  

History of the Slab Hut

Slab huts were built by the first European settlers in Australia with slabs of timber.  The huts were of heavy and rustic construction with hardwood timber and provided the barest of comfort and protection from the elements.  The rough edges seen on the timber structure of the hut represent the building method of ‘splitting’ the timber, which was undertaken with mauls.  The Green Herring Restaurant still maintains the original construction materials from almost 150 years ago with minor modifications and extensions to provide the necessities for restaurant operations. 
Information on Slab Huts sourced from The Australian Heritage Commission, 1986